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Females boycott hijab in Iran chess competition- Hypocritical?

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    Disclaimer: I am against forcing women to wear the hijab 100% and believe it should be a choice like most rational human beings.

    Now let me begin by outlining the story. Several female chess players such as
    Nazi P- Barnes have refused to travel to Iran, due to the law on a hijab being mandatory for women. She argues he will not support "opression" by conforming to these strict rules. Ofcourse many have come and supported her, however many have come out arguing despite her pure intentions the consequences are potentially the opposite of what she advocates. -

    Firstly the fact that there is a chess competition for females in Iran is quite significant, as chess was banned for about a decade. Several Iranian women in the articles I have linked have come out and said this so called "boycott" was unnecessary and impedes Iranian women from attaining more rights and freedoms. Instead this so-called act of defiance will simply play into the hands of Iranian hardliners, who will show this proves the West wants to keep defying Iran in all aspects.It might lead to less funding for women's sport, which has improved immensely in the past decade. We must really ask if Nazi's act of defiance is really going to change anything, and the answer is no. All it does is bring controversy on a chess tournament and plays into the hands on Iranian hardliners, who want to see this rhetoric espoused from Western nations to keep Iranian women at home. However Iranian women will always strive to prove the fundamentalists wrong, through their valour. Up to 60% of Iran's university population is infact female--

    Furthermore, this act of boycotting made me wonder if the same would occur if the normal hijab or veil became publicly banned in France. In this case women who chose to wear it would be forced to take it off, akin to women in Iran being forced to put it on. It could well become a reality in France for example as former French primeminster Nicholas Sarkozy has announced on his campaign trail.--
    I just wonder if the same women would come out and boycott the French chess tournaments for women, if the hijab were banned, and I can't particularly imagine them doing so.

    Finally I would like to make the point of the hypocrisy of right wingers. Now again I REITERATE I am 100% against forcing one to wear the hijab, yet it is quite hysterical how right wingers want you to adhere to the values of their land (e.g. Sarcozy), but are somehow against it when other nations want people to adhere to their laws,culture and customs. Just a simple observation.

    TLDR: Women's chess tournament in Iran. Some women are against it because you must wear the hijab. Consequences are more detrimental than progressive if this happens for Iranian women.

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Updated: October 8, 2016
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