I have a crush on my big boss and I think he likes me too, what do you think?

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    I am an intern since 3 months in a big company and I have a special relationship with the big boss of the department. Since the beginning, I fall in love with him and this is the first time that it happens to me... I am the one girl in the department (men job) with 3 women who are assistants and my boss is someone who is really busy (high in the hierarchy: N+4). He is not married and he is 9/10 years older than me. He is someone who is usually direct and hyperactive. He talks to employees but not as he does with me because he's always in a hurry. There are many signs which show that he likes me. do you think he might loves me as I do?
    -2 days after my first day, he asked me to do some running with him+ another intern (it was the first time that he offered that to someone and the intern was jealous..) - At the beginning he asked me to join him for lunch each week with other colleagues (never one by one of course) (the other interns were jealous too) - He asked me to go for a dinner with him and a colleague on friday night (from 9 pm until 1 am!). After, he drove me home and sent me a text!(to tell me that he hopes that I did not smoke because he wants me to stop smoking)
    - He comes to my office many times a day to know what I did during the week end and How I feel.
    - When we talk together just one by one he has a low voice, smiles a lot and seems to be shy. He is the big boss and with the other he is direct and not shy AT ALL
    - He tries to make me laugh everyday - He always has a big smile when he sees me and teases me a lot - One day, he came in my office (were I am with 2 other colleagues) and he brought us a cake then smiled at me
    -he comes to my office everyday to say goodbye and have a chat before leaving! (he is not like that usually/the assistants told me that he is a busy man who never gets the time to have a proper chat with someone)

    I am wondering if he does that because I am the one girl in the department + I am the kind of girl who always smiles and jokes around or that he might have feelings for me? Also, I am the kind of person who works a lot (always the last one to leave the office)
    I'm in Austria and the one non austrian person in the department + I do not speak their language so maybe he just wants me to feel at ease?
    Also, one issue is that he is smaller than me in terms of size (i don't care personally but it might restrain him)

    Thanks guys in advance for an answer

    (Original post by loveisagame)
    do you think he might loves me as I do?
    No. You need to learn the difference between e.g. friendly < keen < attracted< fancy < crush < love. He may well be at the lower end of that spectrum (certainly seems keen, and perhaps more friendly than is normal), but you need to understand that love takes time, and go slowly with this guy, whatever happens. Good Luck!

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    Thank you for you answer! So you think that he only likes me as a coworker (we don't work together as he is my N+4 and very high in the hierarchy) despite those signs?
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