Second year university transfer students, how is/was it for you?

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This thread is for anyone currently/just finished on their second year transfer of the same course at a different university. What was the experience like? Moving to a new town/city? Accommodation - halls or private? New people to meet in your course where friendship circles/group have already formed - how did you cope to the changes and how did you fit in with the rest of the people from the course?

I have asked these questions because I want to transfer to a second year of my course in a different university due to personal reasons. I'm hoping the new university would be much better than the one I am currently at.

In summary, I just want some ways in how you overcame the challenges of a second year transfer student as technically it's not a doss year anymore as 20% I think of the mark will contribute to the degree.

Sorry for the long post, I hope this thread will receive many replies ImageEDIT: This thread had been copied from a 2012 thread because I wanted an updated version.

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