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    I've just applied to three colleges for access courses for September 2017. It's been 10 years since I last applied to college so not really up to speed! How long does it normally take to actually get accepted? I'm asking as I'll need to tell work as I'm not 100% sure they'll let me go part-time. Do they often accept people in advance but tell you the days and times nearer the time?

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    I imagine that they will want to interview you before giving you an offer, so you should expect to hear about that soon. Always worth enquiring with the college you've applied to as to their timeframes.
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    Yeah I'm sure they will. Hopefully they'll do it soon! Knowing that I'm working towards a future is the only thing getting me through this horrible job lol.

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    You've got plenty of time mate, I applied in early August this year and got my interview at the beginning of September

    Just use this time to check what courses you are interested in, what university you wish to attend, start a draft UCAS application up and what goals you want to achieve ect

    Also a great time for you to check if you are happy with your GCSE grades, you can most likey self teach yourself Maths/ English lang at home for a private entry if you need a grade boost for university.

    Even though a year seems like a long time away, if you started now you'll be in great footing come next September
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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