SAAS +1 year advice desperately needed

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    I'm repeating second year at Uni and have tried to activate my +1 year with SAAS in order to get full funding. Initially they approved. Now, 5 weeks into my course they have reassessed and said my first year was technically my +1 year as I had started a uni course back in 1995 and received tuition assistance.

    Now I did start a uni course back in 1995 but withdrew after a month because I got a job that I really wanted to do. But tuition fees were not introduced until 1997, so what are they talking about when they say I received "tuition assistance"? I remember receiving my first student loan payment back then but according to SAAS student loans don't count when it comes to previous study - only tuition fees.

    Does anyone know how SAAS count previous study before tuition fees were introduced? Also they say the Uni never notified them that I had withdrew from the course therefore the uni received tuition fees for me. How? There was no tuition fees.

    This is causing me endless sleepless nights as I can't afford £1800 in fees.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you contacted SAAS to explain your situation? Either contact them directly or contact the relevant person at your university.
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    (Original post by trythis)
    Have you contacted SAAS to explain your situation? Either contact them directly or contact the relevant person at your university.
    Yes. I got a letter from SAAS saying they reassessed my award and I was now only eligible to a loan. I phoned and they said I should appeal. I did. The appeal was saying about how I had revived tuition help back in 1995 and they stand by their reassessment etc etc. I am absolutely convinced this is incorrect. How can I have received tuition assistance when tuition fees hadn't been introduced?

    They say I can only take this further if I provide new evidence. The company I worked for in 1995 have now folded. My only hope is the university I went to back then but if they never notified SAAS at the time I doubt they will be able to shed much light on it.

    As my matter of interest, does anyone know when SAAS was created?
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Updated: October 8, 2016
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