Desktop, laptop, and chromebook - What's the best way to go?

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    I am taking a computing course however I don't imagine I'll be programming on this device.

    First off I have a desktop with an I5 6600 and a very good graphics card. I have no worries about my desktop being powerful enough for my work however... I would like something portable for note taking and other such things like killing time between lectures.

    I currently have an old laptop - acer aspire 5551 with an AMD p320 - or close to it. Although mine currently runs windows 10. I've been considering putting a different OS on it to speed it up and maybe upgrading the ram. I also hold an old EEE 1005HA ( - or close to it) I might put chrome OS or a very light Linux distribution on.

    Any thought on how best to proceed? Would I be better off just buying a cheap refurbished laptop/chromebook?
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Updated: October 8, 2016
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