How to get permission to leave school grounds at lunch?

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    I'm in Northern Ireland so the school years here are different to the rest of the UK (I think) however I'm 15 and in year 12 (the last of my two GCSE years)

    At my school if you want to leave at lunch of your own accord you have to be in year 13 and year 14. if you're in any of the years below that, you're only allowed to leave during lunch if you live within a 10 minute walk from the school and if you have signed permission from home but you're not allowed to go to shops it's simply just to home and then back to school.

    At lunch I'm really bored, seriously there's nothing to do. I would really love to be able to leave during lunch but I can't because I don't live within a 10 minute walk of the school. Obviously I can see from the schools point of view; they need to know where everyone is just in case there is a fire etc but surely if you sign out in the office on departure and sign in on arrival you'll be fine?

    I was thinking of getting my mum to write a note to give permission and then give it to my form teacher. Can I do this? All I would do is just go out to the shop, get a bite to eat with my friends,go for a walk and come back on time for the bell. Thanks.

    Your only option is to get your mother to write a note. It's unlikely, however, that the School would be willing to break policy for you when you don't have a valid reason. Boredom is something you'll have to learn to alleviate in the premises.

    I am in the year above you and we are allowed to leave the school at lunch time, trust me it isn't as great as it sounds. Nobody goes home and those who do are classified as 'anti-social'. There isn't really anything to go home for anyway. Just try to hang out with your friends and socialise with others, if not go to the library and make a start on your homework. You could always find some sort of lunch time club to join if you wanted to.
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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