I think I have a yeast infection

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    My fad is filled with this yellow substance with a little blood at the top of the pad...
    I tend to douche a lot even though it ain't got for your vaginal health because without douching it just feels dirty.

    I think I might have scratched the the top of my vag which caused a bit of bleeding but I'm not sure since I don't feel anything painful (?) so is it something that goes along with a yeast infection?

    It's bothersome and embarrassing to go to a GP about it.

    Is there anything I can do to fix it at home or what can I get on the counter?
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    Pad I mean not fad lol

    Go to the GP, they know more about infections than a student forum.

    Nothing but water should be entering your vagina when cleaning.

    Douching is not healthy for your vagina as it actually removes the good bacteria that actually keeps your vagina clean.

    Also to the yeast infection get the canesten duo with the tablet which you put inside your vagina not the tablet you eat as it doesn't work as good. No need to visit GP just go to the pharmacy.
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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