can someone help me with this question

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    its the first question about a kidney and technectium-99
    could someone help me with this
    thx xx

    (Original post by elena2003)

    its the first question about a kidney and technectium-99
    could someone help me with this
    thx xx
    Only the right kidney is working correctly.

    If you think about it, the radioisotope has to enter the kidney, and then leave, so the amount in the kidney would increase and then decrease. That happens for the right kidney, but not for the left kidney.

    a) radioactivity level rises initially meaning the Tc99 is entering kidneys

    b) previous guy is right - R kidney alone working correctly - reason also correct - the isotope collects in the R kidney as it is secreted by the glomerulus into the Bowman's capsule (as [nearly] urine), then is passed out of R kidney into the ureters, so radioactivity drops. Drops to nearly zero, so R kidney v good.

    L kidney: only rises - does not even rise as high as R = possible blockage in renal artery??
    - does not fall later - L kidney not excreting isotope
    - levels out (horizontal) so none being excreted

    keep answers short, SIMPLE and to the point - but also make sure there are AT LEAST same no of points/ideas as marks assigned to Q

    a) one mark
    b) 3 marks - I have put down 5 points, in case 1 or 2 are not in mark scheme

    In the brief answers, show that you know your material and that you understand the technical terms correctly
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