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    I am in a great mood today and i wanted to share my life over the last few months, it took a turn i didn't see coming and upon reflecting upon it just made me laugh. The point of this isnt to boast my achievements but to show that with the right mindset and a desire for a goal you can achieve a lot.

    Very Short Prologue
    In High school , i was so bored and a delinquent didn't revise for GCSE and game out with just above average grades.

    Summer holidays
    Whooo, the summer holidays starts i need money and find myself as a grounds keeper for £9 and our (not so bad). Amongst work my friend get me into anime , i was hooked on these shows. I realised the best part with the OP characters who were good at everything. And i thought to myself "wouldn't it be fun to be good at everything"

    At the same time as all this i learned both my parents were 95% percentile on the IQ test so i did one myself an got 130. I had always been gifted at things trough natural talent and the ability to pick things up faster than most. i came to the realisation that "wouldn't it be fun to be good at everything" was no longer just a fantasy. all i need to do were sharpen myself and perfect myself. thought to myself "wow i have an IQ of 130" and i spent the last 4 years of my life wasting my life". At this point i decided something must be done, im not longer going to waste my life.
    I decided to make meaning of my life, i decided on a purpose - to go to Cambridge do law and joint the police. I thought to myself why not improve myself even further, why not make myself even better and this give me even more motivation and a desire to learn more. to succeed in everything i do.

    School Staring
    Heading to 6th form i was concerned, i had heard from people "its really hard" .ect, but the studying paid off, on all tests to date i have got full marks and i am top of my class, im learning mandarin and am starting taekwondo. And i am the happiest and most motivated i have ever been in m whole life, school is no longer a drag its an opportunity for me to show my ability and live my fantasy of of succeeding that i missed in high school.For the first time in my life i was seeing the results of my work and getting things done rather than procrastinating

    i want to give some advice if you ever find yourself lacking a purpose, confidence or direction realise that life is a game, find a reason to win the game and you are the player of your own game picture yourself in the future what do you not want to be and do everything to avoid that, find a goal a work towards, you wont get you goal if you are unmotivated.

    Good luck to you all.
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