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    are iphones any good ? and if so what iphone is the best and most good looking

    previous phones that i had were
    samsung young
    LG smartphone
    nokia smartphone
    htc smartphone
    and they were all good
    oh and i am 13 so for my age what iphone is good

    (Original post by elena2003)
    oh and i am 13 so for my age what iphone is good

    Whichever model your pocket money will stretch to.

    But seriously, iPhones are very good phones, easily among the top phones for the year they're released and remain good choices for up to a few years after. They're well built, have great screens, and a thriving app ecosystem. The operating system is more restrictive than Android when it comes to customisation and installing non-approved apps, but if you aren't too fussed by that sort of thing then the level of functionality between the two systems is practically identical.

    As for which model to get, there are three main questions:
    *Do you want a big display, standard size display, or tiny display? For big, look at the Plus models, for standard it's the non-Plus models, for tiny it's the iPhone SE.
    *Do you want to plug headphones straight into your phone? If so, look at the 6S and 6S Plus. If you're happy to use an adaptor, look at the 7 and 7 Plus
    *How much do you have to spend? The iPhones are priced as follows;
    -£379= iPhone SE
    -£499= iPhone 6S
    -£599= iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7
    -£719= iPhone 7Plus

    Grrrrr if your parents are willing to take out a contract for you, you can check the prices from loads of different carriers with different packages.

    Realistically all modern day smartphones are good, providing you spend out to get a decent one. Even the mid tier models are alright.

    I personally would never recommend an iPhone. They don't fit my ideal phone. You have no customisation options.

    In terms of which iPhone is the best, that's arguably always going to be the most recent model, in this case the 7. As for which looks best, I think they all look pretty much the same (and they're all pretty ugly to me) but again the most recent is usually the best styled. Good looking should not be a parameter for buying a phone though. Practicality and specs should be more important.

    It also amazes me that nowadays a 13 year old can have gone through so many phones. You've owned as many smartphones as I have and I'll never understand why someone under the age of 10 could realistically need a high end phone.

    Besides that solid advice from Gofre on which iPhone to buy.

    I have a 6s plus and can confirm it is the best 2nd best phone I've had (i also had an s7 edge and a note7 I have an s6 at the moment)
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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