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    "Isabel chose to marry ferdinand of Aragon because he was young and handsome,but also because his youth and manly strength were what she needed in a husband,were she ever to become queen.Although he was her white knight and she loved him passionately,she never forgot that in Castile ultimate authority was hers and not his.As queen she strove mightily to be an ideal ruler,everything that Henry had not been ,everything she imagined a ruler should be.At a time when an individual was defined by his role and the ruler personified the realm, Isabel aspired to be seen as an embodiment of the kingdom,a kingly queen and to a great extent she succeeded."

    Using your understanding of the historical context,assess how convincing the argumennts in this extract in understanding the relationship between Ferdinand and Isabella
    10 marks

    Please can someone give me some ideas on how to start the answer as im a bit stuck
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Updated: October 9, 2016
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