Do you feel like Matilda in the movie?

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    Does anyone here feel like they are the 'Matilda' of their family? By Matilda, I refer to the 1996 movie Matilda, about a young, genius girl whose family is a bunch of ignorant, under-educated and aggressive buffoons.

    My problem is that I have a similar situation to that of Matilda: undereducated members of my family (only having a high school diploma) constantly say and do the dumbest things, up to such a point that it irritates me immensely. You can't even rationally discuss with these people because they think they're right and others are wrong.

    One such situation is the following one: your family tells you that you have to accept everyone's opinion, personality and thoughts/ideas. Have these people never heard of critical thinking? No, they haven't, because that's typically a skill you acquire in higher education (except for those of you who were lucky enough to acquire that skill earlier on).
    I keep getting endlessly annoyed how my sister says "You have to accept everyone's opinion" when I tell her that I'm having an argument with someone I know.
    No, you can't just accept everyone's statements without filtering, without consideration, without rational discourse. I am not some idiot who says "yes, you are right" to everyone without something so much as a second thought because it is plain stupid.

    Another example of stupid thinking: saying that engineers and studying are useless because 'value is in the hands-on approach'. Right, so I'm going to construct a bridge without theoretical knowledge whatsoever. That sounds like a plan!

    Case in point, there's little to discuss with these people.
    If you are one of these wiser, more-knowledgeable-than-your-dumber-family person, feel free to share your experiences.

    i feel like mrs trunchbull cus i h8 it when ppl touch my chocolates

    do we feel like her because of the fact she is more intelligent than her family or because she was the black sheep of the family?
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    (Original post by yungaheartz)
    do we feel like her because of the fact she is more intelligent than her family or because she was the black sheep of the family?
    For both reasons equally strong. The family keeps saying stupid things that just irritate you and they can't even begin to understand because their level of education doesn't ever reach yours, not by far.

    Don't you just hate it when people say stupid, uneducated things and when you try to explain to them in a rational manner, they get even more stupid and unwilling to listen?
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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