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christianities response to evil

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    Can you help me with my homework to write an essay on christianities response to evil. can you give me any useful information about how they respond to evil/suffering.

    as a Christian i blame the Evil One for the bad things ?*

    If I got you right and the question is "How do Christians respond to evil and suffering in the world", this could be your paragraphs:

    1. Intro - Christians are very aware of the presence of evil in the world, and they certainly worked out what their responses to it should be. As follows:
    2. P1: Some Christian thinkers, for example Lev Tolstoy, if you want to go for an unconventional one, stated that we should not resist evil with any aggression, but to respond with love always. This is the point of "Love your neighbour", taken to the extreme. For example, some Christians would say that killers should not be harshly punished, but helped to understand what they did wrong and treated with kindness.
    3. P2: Other Christians think that it is not for us to decide what to do with evil - our duty is to follow the example of Jesus, pray for those who do evil or face evil, and try to avoid doing evil ourselves.
    4. P3: Lastly, other Christians think that as evil is the imperfection of the world, we should take direct action to try and fix it, so we would be closer to God and His will. Therefore these christians take very direct actions, organise help unions, propose new laws to reduce evil and suffering and so on.

    Jotted it down as it was on top of my head, hope anything out of this helps

    Another thing I might add to the list given (very good btw Whasupman )
    I don't know if they're asking about evil in general, or when evil is shown towards themselves, or both, but if the latter is the case, you might say that we intend to (although don't always, but then, we are imperfect humans) forgive, bc we aren't the ones who are on the moral high-ground, we are the sinners who were forgiven by God. Who should be the first to throw the stone?
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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