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Im off to Leeds and from what i've seen it looks like one great university. I can't really say much as im obviously not there yet but ill do what i can. The union is apparently one of the biggest in UK with its own club and about 4 different bars not to mention the amount of shops in there specifically for students.

I went to Leeds for my brother 21st as he's already there so it was me and a bunch of students. We were on the supposedly world famous Otley Run which is a massive bar/pub crawl. It had to be one of the most fun nights out i've had ever. All the students get on by the looks of it and theres no one out to cause any trouble or anything. There was about 30 of us singing "wheels on bus" at about 12o'clock at night as we trekked to the next pub. Leeds actually is a very popular university and the social scene of the place is probabaly one of the best and with Manchester only about an hour its in a great location.

Leeds is also one of the best research led universities apparently. Not read much into this but they seem to make alot of discovery type things on there main website where it details them.

The environment within the city centre is really nice and it looks as though they've been improving it alot recently and it has its own Harvey Nichols which is apparently a good shop. Pretty much it means its popular and emga expensive i think. If i was a woman i'd probabaly be upto date with my fashion and clothing shops but sorry im not. The campus is what I liked the most. Compared to Manchester i preferred it so much more and it jsut generally appealed to me as somewhere i reaslly wanted to be.

Im staying at Bodington Hall hopefully which although is 4 miles out is a great student environment by the sounds of it and it throws its own social events. Theres are tons of places to stay though and all the accomadation has its own advantages.

Crime is a bit of an issue in Leeds but then again it is in every major city e.g. Manchester(where im from) London etc, and as long as you don't go anywhere stupid and stick with a group of 3 or 4 people at night you'll be fine.

Well thats all i can recall reading myself about Leeds, hoep some of that info helped. Can't help you with Leicester, but i suppose all universites have the same sort of thing.
You should check the subject and university league table to see which one is better. In my opnion, Leeds is better.
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i went to an open day at leicester, and got an offer there for business economics, but to be honest i thought the campus was PANTS! (capitals neccessary). im not sure how u feel about having accommodation off campus, but i hate the idea and ALL of theres is off campus. Its also not v green which didnt appeal to me and its not very new, all needs updating a bit. minor details but i think u need to go with gut instinct if it really is down to the environment/social scene of the place rather than differences in course.
Leeds for sure in general, great social life there and a much better town than Leicester
I think you should go to Leeds.
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i am really confused now. i've checked the league table in times, the ranking of leicester is higher than did it come..

don't you think safety is a problem?
You should check the subject league tables next to see if leeds is better than leicester and vice versa.
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Again league tables don't give an overall good view of the uni at times in all subjects e.g. in Physics its at like 6th yet toher subjects it could be more round the 20 mark. True you should look at the education side but its also jsut as equally about the environment and where you'll be living for the next 3/4 years. Gut feeling is the best thing to use. Go where you think is right for you.
Reply 9 really not sure. i m going to study communication, the course in leeds is more famous than leicester. just about safety problem....and leeds is in the north of england, is there cold in winter? i am from the south
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sukiyan really not sure. i m going to study communication, the course in leeds is more famous than leicester. just about safety problem....and leeds is in the north of england, is there cold in winter? i am from the south

Leeds is no less safe than other cities and the weather difference between North and South is almost nothing - remember the "North" and "South" are only hundreds of miles away, it's not like comparing Africa with the North Pole!
Have you made up your mind yet? :tongue:
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Go for Leeds...nicer uni, better city and though Leicester may be ranked higher...Leeds is still a very highly regarded uni.