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Hi everybody,

I would like to ask the people that go/have studied at Kingston how is the system if you failed a module, had to retake but unfortunately fail it again?

I'm asking this because my course is Computer Science and I passed all of my modules, except S.A.D, Programming Essentials and Programming Applications and I have been studying for the retakes and I'm fairly confident that I'll pass the 1st two but I'm not really sure about the last one (I hate java).

I was told that if I failed one module, I would have to retake it next year but I would not be allowed to go through the second year and since P.A. starts in January - February I would not have to go to uni before that.

I have a backup plan in case if things go wrong, my plan is to find a job to work through september onwards and save money to pay for the module (I don't know how much it is and when would I have to pay for it? can anyone tell me please?) but at the same time I would feel really embarrased because I'd be wasting my time really, when I should be in the second year.

What I would like to know, apart from the question asked earlier, is if I happen to fail one module and pass it next year, would I be allowed to apply for student loans? Because I was told that I wouldn't receive it if I didn't pass to the second year.

Well, I'll try my best to pass everything but can anyone reply with advice and/or with some answers to the questions asked?

Thanks a lot!
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Yh I go Kingston and failed one module and had to retake the whole year doing just two hours worth of lectures a week! I just got a job and made a whole load of money and got some good work experience.
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I just wonder if you had to do another assignment or just taking a module was fine while your retake there?

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