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Mental health and A-levels/home schooling Watch

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    Hi guys,
    I was just wondering peoples opinion on self teaching Alevels. I have good GCSE grades: 2A* 7A and 1B... I am doing Economics, Geography and Biology now. I go to the same school as i have done for the past 3 years but my mental health has deteriorated more and more. I can't focus at school at all and that the whole situation is a big stressor to me. I receive treatment most days so i really only go into school for my lessons but still find it all hard to manage. If i home schooled myself, i would drop economics and do psychology i think. Do unis mind home tuition? I want to do psychology at UCL/Russel group. Any advice would be suuuuuper helpful. Thanks so much.
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    Sorry you've not had any responses about this. Are you sure you've posted in the right place? Here's a link to our subject forum which should help get you more responses if you post there.

    Just quoting in Danny Dorito so she can move the thread if needed :wizard:
    (Original post by Danny Dorito)

    I was in the same place as you in year 11, and I looked into homeschooling for my a levels. I think that it would probably be very hard to self-teach, but there are distance learning courses available (although they're pretty pricey).

    does biology contain any practical exams? If it does, have you looked into how you could do these as a homeschooler?

    Luckily for me when I started sixth form everything got a lot better for me (by the end of year 12 I scored a 0 on the depression scale at the psychiatrist's ) but I'm guessing you're in year 12 now and it's still not better for you.

    Do you have someone who you can talk to at school who can advocate on your behalf? In years 10/11 I had a really good relationship with my head of year and she organised a part-time timetable for me and pulled me out of the "official" mock exams at school, which was amazing. Maybe you could talk to your head of year or tutor or someone about how they could help you - they might even be able to arrange for teachers to send work home for you so that you don't have to come in at least temporarily.

    Alternatively are there any other sixth forms or colleges locally that you could transfer to? If you hate the school environment maybe a college with More relaxed policies would suit you better?

    I have been in a similar situation to you during my GCSEs and A levels with my mental health.
    Although universities wont mind you having being home-schooled/self taught, they will need you to have good grades and the best chance you have for that is most likely if you're being taught.
    I really do understand how difficult it can be being in school when you're unwell but if you can try and put in place adjustments with your school to keep you there, I think it would be best for your chances at getting into uni.
    For example, I couldn't face working in the workrooms at sixth form due to my anxiety so I was allowed to work in a small room in Learning Support during my frees. I could leave my lessons if I was too overwhelmed. I got extra time and rest breaks during my exams.
    At the end of the day, your health has to come first.
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