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I plan on entering a masters program related to epidemiology in autumn 2017 and Glasgow's Quantitative Methods in Biodiversity, Conservation and Epidemiology MSc is my first choice (Edinburgh's MPH and LSHTM's Epi MSc are my alternative choices, though I'm guessing LSHTM's program is super competitive so yeah). I really like the structure of this program since it sort of combines my primary career interests (epidemiology and ecology/zoology/biology) in a way I haven't seen in other programs in the UK, and it seems to provide a good amount of quantitative training.

So anyway, just wanted to know if anyone whose taken this course (or knows anyone who did) could vouch for this course, both in terms of the quality of the program itself as well as career destinations/prospects, etc. For instance, with this degree, is it feasible to become an epidemiologist in (human) public health if I wanted? Or a zoology/wildlife-based epidemiologist (without a DVM)?

P.S. A little extra info about me for context: US/EU dual citizen residing in the US, will be graduating with a BS in Biology (Biomed) next spring, intending to live/work in the UK long-term after my MSc (Brexit permitting), a possible smidgen of a chance I'll do a PhD or Veterinary/Medical degree a few years after.

I will get in contact with the school soon, of course--I just want to get some perspective from y'all first. Thanks!
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The school should be able to put you in touch with current or former students. They will also be able to tell you about grad destinations. Visit if you can. Look at jobs you may be interested in and see what the requirements are.

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