Diagnostic or therapeutic radiography ?

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    Hey guys , i am really interested in radiography but i don't know which one to choose !
    what's their difference & which one has more job opportunity ?
    Thank you

    Doing a specific course will not guarantee you a job. It's how employable you are and it's up to you to make yourself employable. Pick the one you're more interested in. Get some work experience to work out which that is.

    Both of them are extremely employable. You'd struggle to not find work with either. I'm applying for diagnostic radiography next year and on my work experience most of the 3rd year students are employed in a hospital before graduation.

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    (Original post by Heri)
    Hey guys , i am really interested in radiography but i don't know which one to choose !
    what's their difference & which one has more job opportunity ?
    Thank you
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    Both are very similar in terms of employability, however You really need to research both of these courses as they jobs they lead to are very different. There are, I believe, fewer therapeutic jobs, but also fewer course spaces. Pretty much every hospital will have a radiography department, but not all will have radiotherapy. Therapy is usually a 9-5 job, whereas radiography will include shifts or an on-call rota. The level of patient contact is also very different in each role. This is certainly not an exhaustive list but should give you an idea of just how different they are.*

    There is more discussion here which might be useful for you to read*here:

    And here:

    Hi Heri

    Hope you get some good advice today about different radiography options.

    Prospects have a good page about therapeutic radiography.

    At Teesside we have a BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography course (and some postgraduate radiography programmes too). We've got a video on the BSc course page about the programme which is quite useful as a starting point - you can read some student profiles on that page too and find out a bit more about what studying and working as a radiographer involves.

    Good luck in your research.
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