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Euan Bayliss
Report 18 years ago
Anyone else studying this course? What do you make of it so far. I'm very impressed... but it's
quite hard work!


*from* Euan Bayliss, in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England "Blue Moon, you saw me standing alone..."
William J Arrow
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in article [email protected] .net, Euan Bayliss at [email protected] wrote on 2/4/02 21:22:

[q1]> Anyone else studying this course? What do you make of it so far. I'm very impressed... but it's[/q1]
[q1]> quite hard work![/q1]
[q1]> Euan[/q1]

Hi Euan

I was wondering if anybody would ever post about L120. I went to my first tutorial, but otherwise
feeling very isolated doing L120. Firstclass doesn't have a forum, which is hopeless for a language
(i.e. communications) subject. Anyway, I think it's a good course, but like most OU courses I've
tried has serious flaws. For example, I doubt my spoken French has improved any, because of course,
you can't improve speaking a language unless you do it with someone! The workload is very high for
what is supposed to be 7 hours a week, so I just don't do all those activities that say "write
50-ish words on x".

To counteract that negativism, my understanding of the spoken material is slowly improving, and
unlike my O-Level done years ago, they are talking about real things. It's good revision for grammar
(I would like more of that) and I've picked up quite a lot of vocab.

Not looking forward to TMA3. But I expect I'll manage to put something together.

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