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Spain was just an excuse to do nothing; which I enjoyed. I did some swimming, drinking and photography though, and occasionally at the same time. I met some people but they were either too old or too young to make any sense of; one man in particular was very scary. His name, Mr Johnson, reminded me of some kind of hitman's alias or an agent from the Matrix but he was far from it. 87 years of age, this rather odd character was on holiday by himself - I am sure he had lost his mind some time between booking the accommodation and arriving there.

The Mr Johnson Incident 1:

Within the early stages of his holiday, Mr Johnson had decided to travel to a nearby town. He had made the wrong choice of travelling by bus and so ended up some 30 miles away from where he had intended to go. Lost and confused, Mr Johnson approached members of the public who mistook him for an aged loony and he soon attracted the attention of the police. They in turn delivered him to a local mental asylum where after 3 days the confusion was eventually resolved and Mr Johnson was returned safely to his accommodation.

The Mr Johnson Incident 2:

During the later stages of his holiday, Mr Johnson had told us of a similar incident that he had been involved in. According to the lonely man, he had "got a lift by some kids" who had later told him that he had to "get out the car because the driver was picking up his girlfriend". Mr Johnson then told of a long walk with no apparent destination, which landed him in yet again, the Police Station. I quote from the man himself; "What a 'carry-on', none of them spoke bloody English. I had to wait 4 hours at the Police Station and I had to wait 2 hours at the Police Station." I am unsure whether good old Mr Johnson himself speaks English - what a carry-on.

The Mr Johnson Incident 3:

As short as this story is, it is equally as bizarre as the previous. General Johnson, as he was once known, delighted in telling me about a particular bus ride he had experienced during his holiday. The bus driver had apparently said to him "Get off", but I am unsure as to why this was said. The old chap then declared his anger at this, shouting "Do you want to spend 6 months in hospital?" I do not know how the story concluded.

I spoke to Mr Johnson one Tuesday evening (according to him it was Friday) where he spoke of his ambition in life. He said that "when" he wins the lottery (being a man who spends £10 a week on it) he would stay and live in the accommodation for the rest of his life. Suddenly realising this was very unlikely; the old man pulled out a fag and puffed away at his life.

A truly inspiring chap, Mr Johnson provided me with interest, intrigue and humour (although he may not have known it). I took a photograph of him giving a typical "What have I done with the 87 years of my life" pose - or it might just be a look of complete confusion.
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