Unrealistic Expectations - An AS Nightmare

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    So I kind of decided to make one of these things in order to keep myself motivated. I've been really struggling recently with even getting to school but hopefully this will help to keep track of my studying and just generally keep me on target. Hopefully this won't be all studying though and I hope to give some interesting stuff too. I want to get interested and excited about my subjects not just study them.
    What I'm Studying
    This year I’m studying Physics (AS), Maths (AS and A2), Chemistry (AS) and the compulsory Welsh Bacc. Which is awful by the way. Then next year I’ll be doing Further Maths (AS at least if not also A2). All WJEC board (because I live in Wales )
    I'm aiming for anA in Physics(with high UMS), an A in Chemistry and an A* in Maths (it'll ease some of the pressure off next year). I honestly don't care about the Welsh Bacc, as long as I pass it I'm happy.
    Academic Background
    GCSEs: AAAAAAABBBD (got the D in classics - highest grade in the class (wooo!!))
    AS Levels: History (A), R.E (A), Sociology (C)

    Knew I was moving to Wales last year and knew that half of the subjects I wanted to take wouldn't be compatible with the Welsh board and reforms and stuff.... Anyway took a few AS levels while I had a job and had to delay A-Levels for a year. Not the end of the world but rather annoying.
    University Goals
    I'm planning to study Physics at university. Hopefully one in the top ten or at least the top twenty. Primarily because I love the subject and so I want the best teaching possible but also because I will be the first person in my entire family to do a degree and it would be amazing to get into a great university.

    So that’s my goal. My dream though is to get into Oxford or Imperial, both of which are going to be difficult with my average GCSE grades but I’m going to work as hard as I can for it regardless. Oxford because it’s the university we’ve always joked about in my family as being stupidly unrealistic. So it would be absolutely amazing to get in. Especially considering it’s one of the top institutes for physics and is absolutely stunning.
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Updated: October 10, 2016
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