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Uni and stuff.

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    I'll update this about thoughts and activities during this academic year.

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    Uni so far

    Bye bye Chemistry?
    Didn't want to give up Chemistry even if I'm not studying my dream course - Natsci.

    Have gotten Clayden - Organic Chemistry and Atkins - Physical Chemistry for the life sciences to read for personal interest purposes.

    I considered getting something for inorganic but it seems much less relevant.

    I thought it would perhaps be triggering, getting used to the large lecture theatres. I have between 10 and 15 of them per week. I've had no issues at all. The medication I'm on means they're not in the least bit daunting and I often go to the lecturer to asks questions afterward although I daren't shout a question in the middle of the crowded theatre.

    Work Load
    Manageable so far. I'm trying to get things done as quickly as I fine. I have weekly quizzes and tests. Each contributing 1-3% of the module grade, depending.
    I have 120/120 in my Biochemistry stuff so far.
    90/90 in my Misc unit which includes essays
    180/190 in my microbiology unit so far

    I've no doubt that the pace will increase but as the exam marks are generally quite low (mean mark 3rd, while mean class is 2.1), I hope to offset a potentially dissatisfying performance, come January with better consistent course work.

    I've an essay set for Microbiology. It's due next Thursday. Worth 15% of the module. I am nervous as it's my first serious academic assignment and I have to use 15-23 sources based on the 10-15 per 1000 words they recommend. I've never gone to so many sources to produce content before.
    Thankfully my peer mentor says he'll look at my first draft so hopefully I'll get this done soon.

    Truly not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was a pretty poor fresher. I didn't get a wrist band and haven't been clubbing at all. Nontheless, I've made friends here and there and some acquaintances. There are people I can go out with if I so choose and I even have plans to go to a Rock Club this Saturday.

    I've even made some surprises acquaintances from the Japanese Class I started at University!

    I've joined and signed up for some socs also:
    Anime - First session was great. We watched Daily Lives, Mob Psycho 100, Jojo and Legend of Korra and then there was a pub gathering afterwards.
    Street Dance - Have yet to go however I will drag myself. I've just had a string of Tuesday evening lectures which should end soon. I don't fancy lecture, street dance and then anime soc with no break.
    Choir - Really good session. Lovely people. We are singing a selection of Guys and Dolls songs and a Christmas Bells song I forget the name of.
    Atheist and Humanist - First session is a bar crawl I should be going to tomorrow evening.
    LGBT - I start going to their tea sessions tomorrow and will update whether or not I like them,

    And there are some others whose upcoming events I hope to attend, if possible. I'll stick with what seems enjoyable and either attend the rest more sporadically or ditch them. At this point, I don't think I'll get a pt job. I don't have to and I worry that I won't have the time. But I'll see how the first semester goes and take it from there.
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