Medicine (hospital) work experience cover letter and cv advice needed asap!?

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    Hello! My years year 12 work experience in a hospital has a deadline of october 31st, and we have to give in a cover letter, as well as a cv!I have no idea where to start for either as i've actually not done either before! I recieved 11A*s and 1A at GCSE, and study bio, chem, history and maths. In terms of hobbies i really enjoy art and like to do photography (but not in a v technical way if ygm), i do a couple of extra curricular volunteering at school and did work experience at a pharmacy, but dont really do sports etc and dont have a job, will this effect a lot? I REALLY NEED HELP IN WHERE TO START PARTICULARY FOR THE LETTER AND CV, ANY HELP, ADVICE WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED! XO

    When I was applying for work experience I just used a very basic template for my CV. You can find plenty of samples online, particularly for those still at school. For example:

    As for cover letters, again there are a lot of examples online:

    It sounds like you have a lot of interests and good academics to put in your CV. I don't think not having a job or doing sports will really have much of an impact. Just follow some of the templates linked above and think about why you would like to do work experience in a hospital and what you would like to get out of it. I wouldn't stress too much about it - there are plenty of examples online that will help to guide your own. It's just about following a structure really.

    Also a quick search on this forum has come up with a couple of threads which might be helpful as well:
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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