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    what type of a biomedical scientist in the NHS would you say interacts with patients?

    I'm thinking of transferring from sport rehabilitation to healthcare science, as I found that sport rehab wouldn't open many doors. on the future prospects for healthcare science, I found that I can register for HCPC and work as a biomedical scientist in the NHS, however I would really want to be interacting with patients, which is why I wanted to do physiotherapy in the first place, but wasn't able to do I did sport rehab.

    can someone please shine some light on this. thank yo7

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    Have you looked at job profiles and case studies of these professions? They're all available online.

    I currently work in Microbiology as a Biomedical Scientist and we have no patient contact.

    Some areas of biochemistry I believe have some patient contact, albeit barely notable, when they do their 24 hour urine tests when they have to tell the patient what they require but I believe they have their AP's do this (Band 3-4) instead of the Biomedical Scientist's (Band 5+).

    None of the pathology areas have any patient contact really.
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Updated: October 15, 2016
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