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    I have been working a takeaway delivery job for the past month.
    It is a fairy new franchise store and in the interview I was told they were sorting out the delivery insurance and to just leave my details and they would sort it out asap.
    Today, after a month of working there, I had a group message from the manager saying that actually nobody is or has been covered as they were having some problems with a 3rd party and that it was our responsibility to sort it out ourselves, but that it would only be a few pounds per month.

    This is a problem for me for 2 reasons:

    1 - I have been driving for the last month under the assumption that it was sorted out by the takeaway.

    2- Getting my own insurance will be difficult because a) I pay yearly, not monthly so it would be a lump sum that I can't afford; b) I don't know if my insurer covers delivery driving (i read somewhere online they didnt); c) I may face transaction or cancellation fees; d) I live in a less secure postcode and keep the car on the street so it is already a ludicrous sum of money even though I have been driving for 7 years, and with takeaway it will be even more.

    When I have worked at takeaways in the past they have always provided the correct insurance and its been fine. If the manager is unable to sort out the insurance in the next week then I will have to leave. So my questions here are:

    1) Is there anything I can do about this situation?
    2) Is my employer liable for not insuring me a) at all; b) whilst I have been working there and c) for possibly forcing me to leave because of it?

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Updated: October 10, 2016
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