How on earth do you do a Biology degree?!?

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    Hello and welcome to my mental breakdown!

    So ive just started my first year of studying Biology and day ones got me ready for death.
    Well maybe not quite but im feeling all kinds of confused..someone please offer me some guidance here!

    Im really not understanding how to study at uni. Sooo much is covered in lectures i barely have time to write anything down. The slides are all posted online and i tried today to go through them after and rewrite them into note form which is the only way i take in information, but even after one day and 80 slides per lecture i can see this isnt doable. What have people found to be better ways of taking notes so as not to get behind and forget everyythinggg?

    That and the book situation. Ive never seen such a long reading list in my life...someone please tell me its not as 'essential' as im being told.

    I just dont understand how university works or what to do after my lectures. Please help me be less of a disaster.

    Thanks in advance kind saviours.

    I did biology at Manchester University. First thing don't write the lectures out use the power points and make notes around that. I felt the same as you with it being the only way I can learn, but you adjust and rewriting it all is such a waste of time - hence why they put the slides up online. Don't buy the books! I spent 100s and literally opened them once or twice (they are avaliable in the library). You can always buy a book later in the year if you find you desperately need it.

    After lecturers I use to go home right my notes up on the PowerPoint slide (after a year of slaving away and writing the slides and my notes out on paper so many wasted hours haha)... then if there was something I didn't understand I'd research it more. First year is pretty relaxed so you won't spend much time in the library so make the most of it join societies and clubs .

    Try not to stress in your first year. It should be fun there's enough time for stressing in your 2nd and 3rd year. I'm not saying don't put the work in, but enjoy being at uni it flies by.
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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