My 'debt' has been given to a debt collection agency

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    So basically,

    I am an EU student. I did a year at uni from 2014 to 2015. Then I left uni and worked in the UK from 2015 to 2016. I never informed SFE that I left uni / was working, and did not know that I was supposed to because apparently they automatically just take your debt off your taxes so I thought this would happen and I dont have to do anything - bear in mind I have just been working fast food jobs, so I am not required to start paying anything back, all my jobs are legal and everything, so my employment can be traced etc. all the SFE letters got posted to my home address in my home country and since I was on bad terms with my parents last year and did not speak to them for a long time, I did not get informed by my dad that I was getting letters from Student finance.

    However, I logged into my account last month because I am now at uni again, so I was applying for student finance again. And that was the first time I had loggen in since I was at uni in 2015 - and I saw that I had been getting all these letters that I was supposed to send them back and tell them about my employment status. and so on.

    And a few days ago I got a letter from them that since I have not responded to their letters throughout the year, my debt of 320 quid has been given over to a debt collecion agency and Im like what???

    I have sent off my student finance papers not long ago and I have included my payslips and employment conracts that I have been doing in the UK, so obviously when they see it and see all my previous addresses for the period since I left uni, they will see that I am not actually entitled to start paying it back, I just didnt inform them that I wasnt...

    Basically, do I need to call someone and sort this out or what should I do exactly? As they think I am behind on payments. Should I just wait for them to get my application and would my debt be written off, or do I need to speak to someone about this before my new application gets to them? Im worried that this will delay my application.

    I guess this is because they dont know my national insurance number so they dont know that I am paying taxes in the UK? Because when I originally applied for student finance I did not have a NI number. I only got one last year and obviously its now on my new applation form so they can check this, right?

    Also, seeing as I am not actually in the income bracket where I have to start paying back my loan, will they still make me pay it back before I can take out a new loan?? I am really worried about this right now. Do I need to send them any more evidence that I have been in the UK all this time?

    Am I in trouble?? Do I really have this debt? Should I just fill out those forms I was supposed to send back months ago and send it back now?
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    Please contact the 3rd party to keep them informed on what is happening. As you have sent all your documents to us, please allow time for this to be updated. I would advise you to call our repayments team back in 2/3 weeks to get an update: 0300 100 0611

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Updated: November 2, 2016
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