Realistic IB Scores required? Prereqs are SO LOW!

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    I'm an international student (Australia) applying to Oxford but am confused by how low the IB prereq scores are. Does this mean they actually consider people who get an IB 39 or is it foolish to think you won't get in without at least a couple of points above 40? For comparison, Oxford Law wants IB 38 minimum yet Sydney wants IB 43.

    I'm just worried that they say they have those as the cut offs but then actually only seriously consider 44s and 45s, Has anyone got in to E&M with 43 or less?

    Your worry is misplaced. If it says 38, it means 38. I don't know about Sydney, but remember that Oxford has means of distinguishing between candidate that other universities don't necessarily have. A candidate's LNAT score is important pre-interview, and then there is the interview itself as well. Of course it's true that most candidates who've done very well on the LNAT, and who perform well at interview, will turn out to have scored fairly highly on the IB as well - but the point is that this isn't necessary.

    As Estreth has pointed out, Oxford has other means (interviews and aptitude tests) of further distinguishing between candidates. It is not necessary to be well rounded (which is what your overall score measures) as university courses are very specialised (this is especially true at Oxbridge), but you do have to be very good at the relevant subjects. It actually doesn't make sense to me how Australian universities just look at your overall score and barely care about the subjects that are most relevant to the course you're applying for.

    There's also the issue that IB's difficulty isn't very well appreciated in Australia (I am also from Australia). Oxford considers a 38 to be equivalent to an ATAR of 98.5 while in Australia, you'd need a 41!
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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