I hate my appearance from top to bottom

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    I am 18(female) with an anterior open bite thus my teeth have always been a problem as far as I can remember.

    In fact, the condition of my teeth are quite possibly ruining my mental health at the moment. I try not to think about orthodontics where possible because I find it so utterly demoralising that such an option actually exists to fix this enormous problem in my life, but that it's so far away because of the prohibitive cost.

    My utter frustration with the condition of my teeth has negatively impacted my quality of life severely. That might sound extreme, but I truly believe it's the case. I can't take pride in anything about my physical self. My hair, my body, my skin. My teeth aside, I think I'm an attractive person. But it's all ruined as soon as I expose my anterior open bite(top and bottom teeth don't close). I think it may even have caused resentment with my parents because they were ignorant that I could get braces for free when I was under 18 and did not count my anterior open bite as a big deal to go do something about it.

    Anyway, this has been difficult for me. See, when I look at my teeth in a mirror, they look "okay". Still unbearably bad, but not AS unbearably bad. And when I look at my teeth in a photograph on the off chance that I lapse from my 'must-not-expose-teeth' discipline that I've mastered over the years, they look a whole new level of dreadful. And this is nothing to do with cameras per se, or lighting. If I take two mirrors I can see a reverse mirror image (i.e. a correct image) of my teeth and they look awful in the same way. I don't know if the teeth I see in the mirror or the teeth I see in photographs/double mirror are truly representative of the way others see them. I don't know if I have simply adjusted to the way my teeth look in a mirror and so don't see anything wrong with them, or looking at them in a photograph/double mirror exacerbates their faults as it's the mirror of what I'm used to seeing.

    I have had a consultation at my local Hospital by referral from my dentist.

    The consultant or person in charge gave me a IOTN rating of grade 3 which does not qualify me for free NHS treatment under the "health condition". This is really demoralising as this open bite affects the way I look and makes me grind me teeth a lot.

    Now, because of the cost, whenever I tended to think about braces I got a fear pang. It's like a pit of dread in my stomach. A mix of a sense of utter helplessness, dread, self pity, a sense of injustice, lost opportunity. It's unpleasant to think about my teeth, so I have always tried to push it out of my mind. I'm writing this post as I want to face this fear and see if something can be done once and for all.Sorry, this is a long post. But it's been therapeutic, and I've enjoyed it. Maybe someone will actually read this. But, just to summarise:1. I'm 18 and need braces. Too late?

    2. Can you please give me some encouragement that this is possible for me to deal with.

    If you read all this post, congratulations, and thank you. I feel considerable relief after just having written it.

    Don't we all

    You need to calm down. It's obvious you're very insecure but all of this over your teeth? I mean does it look that bad? Do you watch Jeremy Kyle Show? Watch that show and then come back and tell me your teeth look bad. It will make you feel better about your teeth, trust me.
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    Anyone one else?

    Better start saving!

    Unlucky with your parents :-(

    Who cares about how someone looks? I find it's all about the personality. That's just my opinion, though. Think about it.
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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