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    I applied for a 'management' trainee position and was invited to an interview- no experience and no degree needed (weird) when I tried to email back it failed which was also weird. All you have to do is look at the website beforehand (which is very vague- note the 'contractors' that work for the company... Ie self employed commission based street selling type ****). From what I researched Harper Robson is formally (or to do with) miraki rose, a Glasgow company under head company Penmex (avoid!). They are now located in north st David street in the building of the Romanian embassy (!!) apparently everyone that goes for an interview gets lost. it is illegal not to have your business name on the outside of the building, and when you actually enter it is called Penmex.... Several other reviews I have found the staff take you to places such as coffee shops and McDonald's where you try to sell things such as credit cards to vulnerable people. Avoid!!!!!!!! If you google all of this including Yanis Johnstone, it says he was the managing director of Miraki Rose 2015, and now the marketing director of Harper Robson (founded in 2016) lol!
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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