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    Hey guys,I wanted to share this site I've recently discovered with you all, as I'm a student myself & always looking for ways to earn extra cash alongside uni (I've done my fair share of flyering in the freezing cold let me tell you!!). It's called Social Superstore & basically it's a great way of sharing the things you love online with your mates & followers (on other social networks) and when someone buys something through your store you earn a commission from that sale. I'm forever recommending products and have people asking me where I buy my outfits from, so now I just add them to my Social Superstore account and share the link to that item with whoever is asking. If you're really into social media, you'll love it! It kind of brings together all my fave social platforms like Insta and Pinterest, with the added bonus of being able to make some extra cash from it too. It's online and they have a great app too, so it's something you can do on-the-go, as and when you feel like it. The more you push it, the more you earn I guess! I've added it as the link in my bio on Insta and whenever someone asks me on there where I got something I just direct them to the link in my bio to buy it.

    The site is

    Oh and if you do set up an account let me know yours so we can follow each other Tash x
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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