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So I have just stared Year 11 and have already been bombarded with a French Writing Exam. The exam does go towards my final grade so preferably I would like to at least pass it.
It consists of around 4 paragraphs, 2 of which include past and future tense (Overall around 250-300 words). I am sitting it next Wednesday.Does anyone have any tips or revision techniques that I can use to help me learn the writing?
Thank you.
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Write down common examples of phrases using the past and future tenses. - so you know what you have to incude, eg,

nous irons directement = we will go directly , nous serons ravis - we will be thrilled , nous aurons raison =we will be right nous chanterons a tue tete = we will shout at the top of our voices.
( preferably using such idiomatic phases.) then in the ils form etc. etc. ( I am using irregular verbs because they will give you marks for knowing difficult verbs.

When you get into the exam the first thing you do when the exam begins, is write down the sorts of thing you know you have to use like the above, and make sure you do.I'm not sure what you mean by 'past tense'? The most likely are eg.

1) J'ai regarde = I saw, I have seen ( Perfect tense) j'ai fini = I finished , I have finished

Use different types of verbs not just regular ones as above.
so, j'ai vu = I saw, I have seen, j'ai eu = I had, I have had, j'ai mis =I put , I have put etc.

Then use examples of 'etre' verbs which don't use avoir in the perfect tense.
je suis alle (e) =I went, I have gone, je suis tombe(e) = I fell, I have fallen Je suis monte(e)=I wen up, I have gone up. NB the extra e is added if you are feminine.
Nous sommes entre(e) s= we entered, we have entered, we entered - use an extra e, if you are feminine, an extra s if there's more than one of you.

More advanced - reflexive verbs
Je me suis leve(e) de bonne heure = I got up early ( extra e if feminine)
Ils se sont trompe(e)s = they made a mistake.
Nous nous sommes egare(e)s = we got lost

2) Imperfect tense - use these 3 kinds
Je regardais de pres = I was looking (at), I used to look at ( example of er verb), I looked at closely
Je finissais mon travail=I was finishing, I used to finish ( ir verb) I finished my work
Je prenais une raccourci = I was taking, I used to take (re verb) I took - a short cut

then some irregular ones -
J'allais a grands pas =I was going, I used to go, I went in strides
j'etais accable (e) = I was, I used to be, I was overwhelmed
j'avais tort =I was having, I used to have, I had ( In this example I was wrong, good idiomatic phrase )

Practise usng the je, nous, ils, elles forms of these as they are the most likely to be useful. However if you can master a fw tu or vous forms , you can always quote what someone is saying so " tu es arrive (e) de bonne heure? ' = did you arrive early?

Then you need to put in some phrases like, D'abord = at first, puis = next, finalement - finally
cependant = however, naturellement= naturally, par contre= by contrast, en principe= usually, a mon avis = in my opinion, de nos jours= nowadays, a l'avenir = in the future, dans le passe= in the past. Si oui = if yes, si non =if no

You can put most of these in almost any piece of French you're asked to write and you'll get good marks for them.

Perhaps a little aside like qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? = what do you think?

By the time you used your ingenuity to put most/ some of the examples of tenses and phrases in, the writing will have been done.
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When I did mine, I just wrote it out again and again and again! Did this for a few evenings and learnt about 500 words in 4 days! Take it paragraph by paragraph, look at paragraph one and write it, write it again, then write it from memory if you can, and then do the second one etc. You could also try putting it to a song! I learnt my French one to the tune of Let it Go!Best of luck!
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Hello! The first thing I would do is to break your paragraphs into two or three sections (depending on how long they are) and after learning them by reading, covering, writing back out and checking, will be able to write out from memory. Try colour-coding them, if you think it will help. If you can learn one section, start the next. I'd also suggest dividing your essay up and working out how much you need to do each day- it'll help put things in perspective and ensure that you don't have to learn 100 words on the last day!
And if all else fails, just make it up on the day! (though I'm sure you won't need to) Good luck!

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