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    I'm an international student who is going to be applying for film course in Falmouth next year!
    Apparently I don't need a high grade on IB and I don't a portfolio unlike other universities.
    I have spoken to a member of the university admission team and he said that it one of the most competitive course.
    Does anybody know how many applicants there are typically and how hard it is to get in?

    Hi wnfl0303,

    A typical offer is between 104 and 120 UCAS points for entry to undergraduate courses, primarily from Level 3 equivalent qualifications such as A levels, a BTEC Extended Diploma or a Foundation Diploma.

    We are very proud that here at Falmouth our BA(Hons)Film course is one of the most successful film courses in the country.

    It is one of our most competitive courses, this year there were 130 successful applicants. It's also currently got the most applications for the academic year 17/18.

    However, due to the creative nature of our courses, you will also be considered on your own individual merit and potential to succeed.

    For more information about Film at Falmouth visit our website. Where you will also find out more about our English language requirements.

    Thanks! Hope that helps.
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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