How do I ask this girl out?

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    During sixth form at school, there was this girl in my Media class who I developed a massive crush on. We had some things in common as well, like aside from doing the same A-Level course, we were also both very musical and seemed to like a lot of the same things in that regard. She's also a great musician and singer which is something I admire. We worked together a couple of times in various project groups throughout the time in sixth form and we always seemed to get on.

    The best time was right at the end of Year 13 and I was to sing in front of the entire year during the leavers' assembly and the day before, during the last Media lesson we had, she was really encouraging me to go out and do it, saying I'd do well. So the next day of course I did it and when I saw her later that afternoon she said "well done" to me and how my family would be really proud, and this was the most genuine and sincere she'd ever been with me.

    Nothing in the way of a relationship ever even began to develop, mainly because I was way too shy to ask her out. The very last time I saw her and spoke to her was when my Media group had a bowling evening out followed by a Frankie & Benny's, and that was it. Months later I followed her on Instagram but she didn't follow me back.

    Anyway, two years on I'm now in my 2nd year at uni and it just so happens that this year she's started a course at the same uni. Now that she's so near I've been seriously considering just messaging her asking to meet up possibly some time. Thing is, I'm not quite sure how to write it without sounding weird or creepy or anything, considering we've had no contact for two years now.

    I was thinking of it saying: "Hey! I heard you're at [uni name] now! I just wondered, would you maybe like to meet up sometime?"

    How does that sound? Anything I should change, and if so what should I say instead? Thanks for any suggestions!

    I'm no expert, but that is more that fine. It doesn't sound creepy in the slightest.

    Go for it!

    Not speaking to a girl you really like for a long, long, long time? Well that's right in my wheelhouse.

    You could definitely do that, or you could wait to see her around then you get a spontaneous conversation which in no one's view can be creepy. I don't think it's weird, it sounds sincere but I've got no idea why she wouldn't let you on her Insta. Maybe things have changed since then, you may as well try and catch up. Life's too short to worry about it trust me, go for it.

    (Original post by RobertEllis97)
    Months later I followed her on Instagram but she didn't follow me back.

    Lol she is savage, after all that she didnt follow you

    Firstly, some girls can just be genuinely friendly and it could be possible that she is friendly to a lot of people.
    Secondly, you will never know what will happen until you take the risk of asking her, if she says no then at least you tried and know the results. Its no big deal if you get turned down, tones of people get shut down
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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