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    For about the past few months, since around july, I have felt sort of strange. I'm not sure how to describe it other than feeling hollow/nothing at all. I find it really hard to work up the motivation to do even simple tasks like homework, and since it is the start of the year, im worried that if this continues my grades will fall. E.g. I have just sat at home doing nothing for a good few hours. Just sat, not even read anything or watching tv, nothing.
    This has also meant that i have veyr few hobbies and less to talk about with people. i feel like i have less of an indentity but no activities at present seem to really interest me. ive tried a lot but i always end up lacking the motivation to continue with them.
    I also feel a lot more lonely, and while i have a good group of friends at school which i have been close with for the past 6 years, as well as new friends made this year, i dont feel properly 'close' to any of them, like enough to tell them my issues. I also dont want to tell them because i know some of them may not understand it and they have their own stresses at this time because of ucas and whatnot.
    Anyway all of this has led me to feel really isolated, and demotivated, and ive really tried. Ive started doing more exercise, eating more healthily for the past month, but nothing seems to work.
    I feel like im wasting away my life and im just getting through the days without really living them or understanding whats happening around me.
    How do I get a grip? am i just self absorbed? How do i stop feeling so lonely? How do i get the motivation?

    I know what you're going through - I feel empty too and like I'm wasting my life away, waiting for something that never comes (except without the friends). If you've lost interest in activities you used to enjoy and lost your motivation, that sounds like a symptom of depression, which is becoming worryingly common. If you think you do have depression, you should see your GP. If it's just a phase, you could try doing something new to shake things up or find a new passion. Alternatively, you could do something you used to do for fun, from your childhood, that you've forgotten about. Also, I would suggest engaging more with the people around you, as it is these people that give our life meaning - well, that's just one idea - no-one really knows...
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Updated: October 11, 2016
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