Feeling unsure about uni choices...

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    Hey guys,

    My UCAS application has been sent off recently and I've applied to Newcastle, KCL, QMUL and Cambridge for medicine, as well as Warwick for biomedical science. After pondering for a while, I've started feeling as thought I've been too ambitious and should have been more cautious when making my choices.

    UKCAT: 747
    GCSEs: 5A*s, 3As and a B
    AS-Levels: 3As at biology, chemistry and maths
    Predicted grades: 3A*s

    Unfortunately my work experience is very weak but I am doing a lot more within the course of the year and have stated this in my personal statement. Was I unwise to pick these unis, or do you think I can get into at least one of the medical schools I've applied to?
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    If it helps, I also live in a British Overseas Territory where the grades are lower on average.

    It's very difficult to say at this stage in all honesty. Cambridge is very dependent on the BMAT, your other choices use UKCAT heavily and your UKCAT score is very good.
    As long as there's some work exp in your personal statement and you've talked about why this makes you want to be a doctor, it doesn't matter if other candidates have a greater quantity.
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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