computer science Help I need Python knowledge?

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    I am a fresher and really struggling with understanding python anyone got any good places I could start to help me understand?

    (Original post by groppo)
    I am a fresher and really struggling with understanding python anyone got any good places I could start to help me understand?
    Coding School/Coding Academy

    Thats what I used to teach myself.

    Eat the documentation for breakfast:

    This is also sworn by for some people:

    Codeacademy is great until it starts charging you money for things.

    Get your head around the basics in the docs, and then keep trying to make harder and harder things, and keep prodding the code til it works. There are so so SO many resources online, once you get used to the terminology you'll get better at finding more relevant things.

    Once you get past the basics you can start hassling people on stackoverflow etc on how to do things/improve your code too. The community is great and very supportive!

    You'll get a knack for it eventually, just keep playing about with it and re-doing tasks that you're given until you understand what every line of code is doing. Try commenting on each line, describing what they do, then ask your lecturer or other students about any parts you can't explain.

    Like anything in life, you won't get better at it by trying to take shortcuts, just do it over and over and over again. That's how you learn a language, an instrument, how to draw, and it's how you learn to code well.
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