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Do virgin males saving for marriage exist anymore in the West?

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Original post by Anonymous
I'm 24. I'm a Virgin and saving myself for a husband. Id prefer to marry a virgin man like myself because it'd feel more meaningful and we could enjoy our first experience together and build together, giving us a closer bond.
But it seems that men that save themselves for marriage are non-existent. The religious ones are the worst so don't tell me to go to Mosque etc. And not dating sites, most guys are desperate on there. I'm also not interested in men that would marry because they just desperate for sex. It just seems impossible to find ones saving themselves for marriage. Perhaps devout religious men are my only option.
do nice virgin man saving himself for marriages exist anymore?

My reply is seven years late. I am a virgin turning 40 in December and also waiting till marriage.
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Original post by MasterJack
I was holding off until marriage and then realised if you're naturally always horny, it doesn't do wonders for your mental stability or focus in life. It's why the single guys jack off to get it over and done with in a few minutes (or seconds, you lucky devils!) and then go on to study or work or do more jacking off. For men, it's a biological need. For women, not so. It'll be very difficult for you to find a virgin guy, especially for him to "prove" he's a virgin.
You can't guarantee anything, but there are probabilities/tendencies that you can play to your favour. The more studious family-oriented types are less likely to be driven by their physical urges, they usually jack off or don't have much of a drive to begin with anyway. The ones less studious, the jock types, physical but little intellect usually are the horn dogs. Think about why girls out-achieve boys and then compare their "horniness" levels. It's a stereotype, an over generalisation, I know, there are always exceptions to generalisations or rules but the generalisations exist for a reason- usually they turn out to be true.

Sex drive in men is higher due to testosterone.