Extremely Painful Smear Test

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    Hi, so today i went to the doctors as I have been bleeding a lot on the Depo injection and she decided she wanted to do a smear test. I am 21 and a virgin. so i naturally knew it was gonna be slightly painful and uncomfortable.

    The pain was horrible, she tried numerous times but couldnt get it done because of the pain i was in.

    I now feel horribly embarrassed, like surely i should have been able to stick the pain? I have literally never felt pain like it and i am now still really sore.

    My mum keeps telling me that it's because im a virgin but from my research it shouldnt have been as painful as it was.

    i guess im just asking if you think its normal? i am actually so embarrassed over the whole thing. I don't want to leave my room, i literally cannot stop crying.

    I have had similar experience. Sometimes the doctors/nurses doing the smear tests get desensitised to what they're actually doing (and how its painful!). Also, some healthcare professionals are just straight up bad at doing some things (like taking blood etc). They probably didn't use enough (if any lube). What you've got to remember is that these nurses and doctors have had hundreds if not thousands of experiences that are a million times more awkward than a patient being in pain during a smear test. Don't worry <3 we'll all been there (and worse!!) my sister tells hilarious stories of going to our really young attractive GP's office with crabs. LOL
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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