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    Hey guys...I've been looking into this for a couple of weeks and I see there are a lot of resume builders that claim to give you the ability to create a 'stunning resume' and I was wondering if any of you have used any, if the resumes were any good and most of all did anyone actually get a job after using one?

    My biggest fear is sending through a resume that looks really snazzy and bright only for the person reading it to think it's a bit childish?

    Anyway I was looking into this site and they seem to have some relatively traditional designs -

    any thoughts?

    (Original post by mabandla2003)
    The first thing employers presume when they see a 'snazzy' CV is that the writer is hiding something - because 99 times out of 100, it's true. CVs that use colour and columns and different fonts styles etc also show that the writer has no experience of the recruitment process, which is never a helpful start with the CV reviewer.

    Basically, the only way to make your CV stand out in a good way, is to give good, clear evidence that you have the skills to do the job you are applying for. Nothing more, nothing less. Fancy ways of presenting that are just a distraction.

    (Original post by mabandla2003)
    Don't bother. Make it yourself, add some simple styling for each section to be clearly standing out making the flow of your CV comfortable and obvious. Your identity and contact details and other personal important stuff should be at the top.

    Recruitment agencies tend to prefer a .doc / .docx format for the file, but make sure you have them in both and also a PDF version. Make sure the styling of the contents doesn't get screwed up when viewing. Supply the CV as both a PDF and a document format when sending them across to recruiters.
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