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    Hi, i have applied for adult nursing in New Bucks university. I got an interview for 26th. Is there anyone here going for the interview? Can anyone help me with some tips on how to prepare. Baring in mind that i am a mature student.☺

    Hi, how did your interview go? I am also a mature student applying for adult nursing. I've got an interview in January. Any tips you can give would be very helpful 🙂

    main question is why. followed what experience do yo have. its a good career. pay is rubbish stress is very high conditions poor but you can achieve a lot. be warned its a tough course and you never stop studying. wife started off as a hnd student. made it up to a degree at the ou. did a number of other courses. then studied a district nursing degree. now on her first year of a 3 year masters course. a lot has to be self funded as they don't have the money to support training anymore. if your determined go for it. its not an easy option.

    hi there, How did your exam and interview went? I hope you managed to get a place . I have mine very soon, hows the English test any questions or suggestions u can give for the exam and interview. Would be very helpful. Thanks x

    Hi all,

    My name is Katherine and I'm a second year nursing student at Bucks. If you have any questions then please feel free to reply to this or message me on here.

    With regards to the English test, it's basic English academic writing skills, and they want to see how you wou,d react in certain situations that you may come across whilst working. The maths is basic GCSE maths questions, conversions, fractions, decimals etc. In the interview, make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Don't be the one to sit in the group interview and not say anything, show they your personality and why they should pick you over the other students.

    I hope this helps
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Updated: December 22, 2016
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