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    This post isn't for sympathy, nor is this for attention (i am genuinely curious) and some might call me a bit stupid, but I thought i'd post anyway (i've been deleting and re-typing this paragraph for a few days, and debating whether to post or not). Anyway, I'm a first year student, and i'm still feeling a bit lost. Looking around, everyone else seems to have made friends, but i'm still struggling to remember names (my painkillers cause short-term memory loss). Do you think i've missed the 'deadline' for making friends at uni, or do you even think there is a 'deadline' for settling in and making good friends at uni- yes i know you can make friends everyday, but someone must know what i'm talking about (i'm not the most literate person ever).
    Thanks for your time (no hate please), and sorry for the long post

    You haven't missed the deadline for making friends, just put yourself out there more. Use their names in conversation and repeat it to yourself. Add them on facebook afterwards or get their number.

    Of course you've not missed a 'deadline' - it's not an assignment, after all. Most people find that the people them make friends with in the first few weeks of term aren't long-term friends anyway - they come later. Just make sure you're getting out there, talking to people on your course and halls, joining clubs and societies and you'll make a load of friends who will be there for you for years to come.
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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