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Does anyone know what might be up With my work Colleague. Watch

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    He had a long term girlfriend but was a harmless flirt. Very confident, very popular and overall a lovely guy. He was lovely to me, making me feel very welcome when I first started and without his friendliness I would have really struggled in my job so I reallyAppreciate him.He invited me on a few work visits with him and then within a few days in the job something odd happened. He wouldn't be alone with me. He would happily go for lunch/meetings and visits with anyone else exceptMe. I decided not to let it affect me. He was still very friendly with me in the office and chose to be around me a lot. So I figured he mustn't been annoyed with me or offended by something about me. Eventually there were staff cuts which meant we were thrown together a bit more but he then made things really difficult by doing anything he could to get out of going in any visits with me on my own. On the odd occasion he was on his own with me he would be very uncomfortable and not his usual happy self. He seemed emotionless and it was clear he would rather be anywhere else. If ever we have a meeting together he will make out that he can't remember who he is going to the meeting with when it's absolutely obvious he knows it's with me. That's the bit I really don't get. It started affecting me because we had to work together and I was relieved when he left. On my leaving do he did not speak to me at all and made sure never to be alone with me. Only at the very end when I was leaving did he stop me and make a point of asking me to contact him if I needed anything or any advice on interview tips. I was surprised, but just smiled. I haven't actually contacted him since as I guessed he was just being polite. I've found out he is joining the same team as me again. He doesn't know I work here and it's been a year since we worked together and the mist interaction we've had is liking a few of each other's posts. He has since split from his partner so is single and I'm hoping that means he can relax a bit more with me. I always thought he acted the way he did to avoid scandal or gossip.But I'm so apprehensive. If he is the same I am going to have to say something but just so I can help the situation, can anyone give me any ideas on why someone would behave like this? To me it is very very odd and doesn't make any sense.

    well you mentioned he has a long term girlfriend, maybe she didnt like the idea of you being alone with each other.
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    (Original post by mkap)
    well you mentioned he has a long term girlfriend, maybe she didnt like the idea of you being alone with each other.
    They've split now. I doubt she knew who I was but maybe. He was happily alone with anyone else tjough.
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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