What is the earliest knowledge you have of your family name?

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    Just for funI know my grandfathers were doctors in world war two

    Well I've got a last name from a Scottish clan so I can say that my name came from the effective founding of said clan in the 1200s by a bloke called Gillean na Tuaighe, the anglicised version being Gillean of the Battle Axe, named so because he always had a sodding great battle axe. Dunno if he did much with it, maybe it was a glorified back scratcher.

    My great-grandfather served in Burma during WWII, but his family name is different to mine (he was on my mums' side).

    Anyway, he hated it when I watched "those Pokeymans" purely because it was created in Japan. Turns out that it's possible to hold a grudge for 60 years.

    Left on the steps of a children's home in 1948. No papers left with me so the nuns named me. No idea what my parents or grandparents names were until a couple of years ago was on Facebook and found a half sister who told me my mother died in 2009.
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