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Need Help on how to present BTEC Applied science assignment?

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    Hi yall , i have an assignmnet due for next week and it'll be my first BTEC assignment .Its tasks are really easy but its just how im supposed to present it that im really worried about as there is a set scenario like so in the picture below.
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    The problem is i don't have a traditional British academic background and the way i've done and presented assignments in high school was totally different as opposed to this current one .

    I'd very much appreciate it if anyone can explain on how to do so and can point out some tips , recommendations and a few short examples to help veer me into the right direction.


    Group 1: talk about having one electron in outer shell; if this is lost (oxidation) you get a monovalent cation e.g. Na+ Discuss how the reactivity increases with increasing size because (-ve) electron is further from ositive nucleus (cos of protons) and so lost more easily.

    Group 7: halogens. 7 electrons in outer shell, so can gain one electron for stable electron shell to produce monovalent anion e.g. Ci-

    Discuss why the smaller halogens are more reactive: ?????? Yes because the positive nucleus is closer to other elements (metals) to attract a (-ve) electron from. So e.g. fluorine bubbled into a solution of potassium iodide (KBr) will displace the iodine (less reactive) to form KF (potassium fluoride) and the solution will turn brown due to the liberated iodine.

    In the same way, talk about how the chemical structure determines the other properties listed in the question. Mke sure the order of ideas flows logically and coherently to make the essay interesting to read. Do it methodically.

    Good luck!
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