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    Hey guys, my teacher's set this booklet based on some really old exam questions; it's based on gravitational fields and obviously geostationary orbits;

    In part II) it asks you to calculate the height of the satellite above the earth, as it's a geostationary orbit, would it not be 35,000~ KM? I can't seem to figure out where I'm wrong, I've rearranged:

    T^2= (4PI^2/GM)*r^3

    For the radial distance, subtracted earth's radius from the radius of the satellite from the center, and my answer is hugely out from the actual value of a geostationary orbit, any help would be much appreciated and part III is a complete shambles at the moment too, picture attached below. (Sorry for the quality!)

    Cheers guys!
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    method looks legit (afaict from that photo :unsure:) , are you sure you keyed it correctly into your calc?

    I get 4.22x10^7 m radius above CoM (3.59x10^7 m above surface)

    T^2= (4PI^2/GM)*r^3

    To give a value for r.

    We know the values if Pi, G, M, 4, and T.

    Substitute a value of (24 x 60 x 60) for T
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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