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Lying About Virginity At University Watch

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    So basically we were playing drinking games and told everyone that I wasn't a virgin and what not and I feel like the lie has gone too far an I can't keep it up but I can't now say 'oh i lied' co people will think that I'm such a *****.

    I thought it was a good idea at the time but now I'm seriously regretting it and my friends want to come and visit but if we all play together, they'll obviously find out that I lied :/

    I dunno what to do, I feel like such an idiot... its not even that big of a deal that I haven't lost it yet but now I have made it into a big deal.



    I truly don't get the big deal about this. I thought it was cool to lie about not being a virgin when you was around 16, can't believe people do it at university.

    Landed yourself in the ****, but if I were you, don't admit you lied will make you look right stupid. Just try ditch the whole idea and don't dig your grave any deeper and if someone asks just be like nope I am not... and you've got hella pressure to not **** up ur first time. gl

    You don ****ed up lmao, I told the same lie in uni but then I actually got laid soon after haha.
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    Plenty of people lie about this, and not just by saying that they have when they haven't.

    Amongst anyone worth being friends with, you'd get respect for going 'I thought I had to lie, but...' You probably will get 'offers' though.

    One of my friends did this lol. Basically transpired she was a virgin but had done "stuff" with different guys before and had come very close to doing "it". No one judged her when she came clean tbh.

    Simple solution would be to just get laid in my opinion. You're at uni it's gonna happen eventually so might as well do it now lol.
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    Lol, who the f*** does this again???

    Probably wasn't a wise thing to do, but you already know that, really. Don't beat yourself up. If they confront you, maybe be honest. If they judge, they aren't true friends. If you confess that it was a stupid plan, should be fine. But its not that big a deal, its really none of everyone's business and chances are they can't even remember it.

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