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Will I ever be able to do things like other people? Watch

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    This is kind of a dual post. I have anxiety, OCD and possibly a form of depression. I have had CBT before but nothing seems to work permanently. I feel on edge nearly all the time, I get stressed at the slightest thing, I don't feel like doing anything (I've just started setting things to do but I've only managed to do one thing so far and not as much as I should), I go through times of feeling down and I also get physical symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, aches and stomach ache. I think I also have slight agoraphobia, I get anxious about going out most of the time. I think I've even had panic attacks and trouble speaking because I just could not.

    I struggle to do anything really. I'm currently trying to work for myself but this is made quite difficult by my mental health but I know I would not cope with a normal job. I don't even do as much housework or cooking/baking as I would like and I don't do as much of my hobbies as I would like. I also have trouble deciding and a procrastination problem.

    I've been thinking will I ever be able to do things that other people do? Will I be able to do housework, work and hobbies and be happy and not feel rubbish basically all the time.

    Also, I'm really sensitive to criticism and sometimes people will say things where I'm not doing as much as normal people and why aren't I and I don't often say about my mental health, I just don't like to and not everyone understands what it is like. I just get so annoyed when people criticise me like this and I'm already harsh on myself.
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    I think I understand how you feel because I feel the same. I used to have depression and still find it so hard to motivate myself to do regular things. I'm at uni but doing horrendously just because there's so much work. I don't cook much and damn the house needs cleaning. I feel ashamed when my wife's friends come over and see how messy it is (she works full time so it's my responsibility). But yeah, even though I'm no longer depressed I can't do "normal stuff". I realize this isn't really of much help to you except you're not alone. I'd be interested in reading other people's responses.

    The only thing I can think of is writing lists then, starting with the very smallest/easiest activity, go through doing each thing on the list. It feels good to check things off.

    I had similar problems. I did a pretty good deal of progress using alternative thinking and learning to recognize my emotions and their sources, but I doubt If I could deal with it without medical treatment.
    I'm taking pills from one year, also increasing amount of exposition to sunlight and diet modification (I've been eating way too little calcium) was necessary to pull me round.
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Updated: October 12, 2016
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