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Holocaust deniers - source of the phenomenon, and Pole's statement. Watch

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    A few minutes ago, I've seen another thread on TSR started by some holocaust denier. This was of course instantly removed by the forum team, which is most probably the most effective way of dealing with those, however it obviously removes a very slight chance to show these uneducated people how wrong they are on actual facts, and why their theories are absurdal and impossible to take place.

    Still, I think we should pay some attention to possible sources of this phenomenon. Why are these people ignorant on basic evidence, why do they cherry pick evidence, why they flaw logic and were they educated in the UK or not? (From what I heard, guess who is responsible for majority of Holocaust denial publications, still I wondere, where they were raised, since that is also crucial for findind solutions for future)

    Speaking of invalid arguments and conspiracy theory about the Holocaust, we may also stand a chance to correct those deniers.
    I shall leave it to those who find more keen interest in history, and have much better knowledge.

    However I might add something that is more personal: I'm Polish. According to the Generalplan Ost, the Poles were also supposed to be gradually exterminated. Thousands were killed in death camps, or just somewhere in forests or even town streets.Almost every Polish family suffered or even lost someone in WWII. Almost every Polish family has or had a member who have seen cruelty of the German invaders.
    So If you don't believe or don't want to believe that the Holocaust took place, come to Poland and ask the Poles.

    If you ask me, my family had luck to survive the war, almost untouched. One of my great-great grandmothers was badly beaten, when SS came to arrest my great grandparents. One of my grandaunts has been chosen to be rised by a German family and germanised, because as a child she had nordic apperance. And one of my grandfathers was a slave worker in factory.

    In my hometown 60% of population was Jewish. After the war, there were maybe 3 Jewish persons still living in there. At night from 8th to 9th of september 1939, the Germans surrounded a large synagogue that stood on a hill, next to castle. They burned it, when people were inside. Rest of the Jews were locked up in ghetto, and gradually deported from town by rail. Evidence says they were sent to death camps. Anyway, many were simply killed on streets of the town, and those who were sent out of town, never returned.

    Do we, the Poles, say all this just because we hate the Germans? No, we don't. No to mention the fact that modern relations beetwen Polish and German nations are very good, Poles love all stories about good Germans in WWII, about those Germans who risked their lives to help us and the Jews, those who behaved like decent man, simply helping in difficult times, and those who just treated us as equal. Such stories are mentioned by families, some of the Germans are awarded by our authorities, and depicted in our movies (like the one from "The Pianist"). Many of our popular movies, TV shows and books, even from communist times, feature good German characters.
    My family was happy to meet such good German as well. The man adopted one of my grandaunts, the one with nordic apperance, that was suppsed to be be germanised. He has let her stay with my family and his entire influence on her life during the war, was limited to dropping from time to time, bringing some necessities for children. In 1945 he withdrawed with the rest of the Germans, but he didn't take my aunt with himself. His design was to save a child from separation with family. For his kindness, he will always be mentioned and remembered in family, as long as possible, And the example of cruelty and humanity that can among members of one nation, and among humans, shall teach us about complexity of world.
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Updated: October 13, 2016
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